Server Requirements

PHP Based Platforms

Connecting WordPress, OpenCart, Magento or directly via the SDK

Connecting a PHP based system requires that PHP 5.4+ is installed, but 5.6+ is preferred for a stronger HTTPS security when communicating with our servers.


It is mandatory that the PHP function stream_socket_client is allowed by your host. This function is needed to establish the connection between your server and ours. It is used when communicating with our API. It is also recommended that the option allow_url_fopen is enabled.


Outbound connections to must be allowed on port 443.



PHP version 5.4+

stream_socket_client must be allowed

allow_url_fopen must be enabled

outbound connections to must be allowed on port 443


These are basic network requirements covered by most web hosting solutions. In case your server has some of these missing feel free to reach out to your hosting provider or server admin and ask them to help you in the configuration.

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