IP Allowlisting

The NitroPack Cloud API must be able to access the website you register in your nitropack.io account to ensure the proper functionality of the NitroPack extension connector. If necessary, please make sure to allowlist the following IP addresses in your firewall to enable communication with NitroPack.

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  • do you need to add all of these ip adresses for full functionality?


  • Hi Glenda,

    Whitelisting is necessary when working with services, which may have blocked our IPs, resulting in a 403 error that prevents NitroPack from optimizing the website's pages. Some examples of such services are Wordfence and Cloudways' Bot Protection.

    If you don't have issues with forbidden page optimizations (which you can check from the "Optimizations" panel), you don't need to worry about whitelisting our IPs. It's not necessary for full functionality.

    Hope this helps.


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