After a Customer Adds an Item to the Cart, Logs in, or Adds an Item to the Wishlist, the Website Becomes Slow Again. Is This a Bug?

📌 Update: WooCommerce websites can now enable a fast browsing experience for their online shoppers even with an item (or a few) in the cart.

Simply, navigate to the Settings panel of your NitroPack plugin in the WordPress Dashboard and enable it by toggling the button.



However, users with eCom businesses on WordPress still can't offer faster shopping experience to their visitors. The WordPress system does not allow for optimizations in the following cases:

  1. The customer is logged into their WordPress account
  2. The customer has items in the shopping cart
  3. The customer has items on the wishlist

If any of the above conditions are met, the NitroPack optimizations do not take effect.

There are a few other issues that prevent us from optimizing these pages:

  • Cached pages cannot be shared between users, requiring many more optimizations;
  • User content is more dynamic than guest content, making the optimizations expire quickly in most cases;
  • Optimizations come in asynchronously. Sometimes, it takes up to a few minutes for an optimization to complete. This means that your customers wouldn't actually see optimized content very often.
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