How to enable Cart Cache in WooCommerce?
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Cache Cart is a caching feature inside the NitroPack plugin that enables fast browsing in a WooCommerce store with items in the cart.

We recommend all NitroPack users with WooCommerce sites activate this feature to offer the best possible shopping experience to their visitors.

How to Enable Cart Cache via WordPress

Navigate to your WordPress admin panel and look for the NitroPack plugin.

Under the “Settings” panel you’ll find the “Cart Cache” feature. Use the toggle to switch the feature on and off.

Note: Cart Cache is a premium feature available for paid NitroPack users only.

How to Enable Cart Cache via NitroPack's App

Log into the NitroPack app.

Navigate to Cache Settings >> Cache.

Then, scroll down and enable Cart Cache:

How do I know if Cart Cache works properly?

Right-click on the /shop page of your WooCommerce website to “Inspect” it.


Navigate to Network > Doc and refresh the page. You should see a registered “Hit”. This means we’re serving the cached version of this page successfully.


Add a few items to the cart and refresh the page. Without Cart Cache enabled, you should now see a “Miss”.


Now, go back to your admin panel and enable Cart Cache. Return to the /shop page on your website and refresh it. The console should register a “Hit”.


Test Cart Cache with Safe Mode

Enable “Safe Mode” from the NitroPack app or WordPress plugin:

Then, enable “Cart Cache”.

Once you’ve verified everything works properly (please see the previous section), disable “Safe Mode”.

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