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How to Set Your Email Preferences
How to Set Your Email Preferences
Updated over a week ago

You can select what kind of emails you want to receive from NitroPack.

To set your email preferences, you need to log into your NitroPack app.

Then, go to Manage Account >> Email notifications:

From there, you can enable the emails you'd like to receive:

Important: “Service emails” are enabled by default and cannot be disabled as they are directly related to us delivering the NitroPack service to you.

Note: "Website major issues emails" is an Agency-specific feature that allows you to be notified when a critical issue affects your clients' websites.

How to subscribe your team members for relevant email communication

If you have invited team members to your account via Team Management, you can subscribe to them to receive relevant email notifications.

Here's how to set them up:

1. From the Email notifications tab, click the "Manage recipients" button for one of the email categories to subscribe a team member:

2. Then, select the checkbox next to the team member's email address that you want to subscribe, and click "Save:"

That's it.

Important: If you have a team member assigned the “Biller” role, they are automatically subscribed to all billing emails.

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