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Everything you need to know about NitroPack's Black Friday Offer
Everything you need to know about NitroPack's Black Friday Offer
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Are you ready to turbocharge your website as the shopping season kicks off?

NitroPack's Black Friday campaign is here to ensure your site is not only ready for the traffic surge but also optimized for the best user experience. Here's everything you need to know about our unmissable Black Friday deal.

Who is Eligible for the Offer?

This Black Friday, we're not holding back! Whether you're a long-standing NitroPack user or you're about to become one, our offer is tailored for you.

  • New and Existing Customers: Our doors are wide open for both new plan purchases and existing NitroPack users.

  • Plan Upgrades: If you're looking to beef up your current plan, this is the perfect time. Upgrade your plan to match your growing needs.

Deal Limitations: The BFCM discount cannot be applied to custom plans, including a single or multi-site plan and/or an agency plan. Also, the offer does not apply to downgrades and existing plan extensions.

Claiming Your NitroPack Discount

The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

  • Existing Users: Simply log into your NitroPack account, select the plan to purchase or upgrade to, and proceed to the billing page. Your discount will be eagerly waiting to be automatically applied at checkout.

  • New Users: Choose the plan you wish to purchase and follow through with the sign-up process. Once your account is set up, you'll finalize your purchase with the discount already applied.

Duration of the Discount

The BFCM discount applies to your initial billing. Upon renewal, the standard pricing will resume. So if you purchase a monthly subscription, the discount will be applied to your first monthly only. If you get an annual plan, your second year will renew at our standard prices.

Understanding the 20% Discount at Checkout

Confused about seeing a 20% discount, instead of 35%, for an annual plan purchase?

The 20% is an additional saving on top of our special annual plan discount, combining for a total of 35% off. For example, a standard Business plan usually costs $252 annually, but with the BFCM offer, you'll only pay $168.

Offer Validity

Our Black Friday deal runs from November 17 through November 27. Don't let the clock run out on this deal. For more information and to get started, visit our Black Friday deal page at NitroPack Black Friday Deal.

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