When to do a Full Cache Purge

After updating some settings in your NitroPack account, a full cache purge is required for the changes to take effect on your website.

In this article, we've outlined which settings changes require a full cache purge. These settings (like Custom CSS and Custom CDN Domain Name) have a YES next to their name under the Full Purge Required column. You can do a full cache purge by clicking the "Purge Cache" button in the Dashboard.


The Full Purge Recommended column is for the settings whose changes take effect even without a full purge. However, we still recommend doing a complete purge for settings with a YES status in this column. This ensures the same fix is applied on all pages.

General Settings

Setting Full Purge Required Full Purge Recommended
Included URLs No  
Excluded URLs No  
Cache AJAX URLs No  
Custom CSS No  
Custom CDN Domain Name Yes  
HTML Normalization No Yes
Ignored Parameters No  
Excluded Cookies No  
Excluded Resources No Yes
Delayed Scripts No Yes
Additional Images No Yes
Variation Cookies No  
Add Base Tag Yes  
Minify HTML Yes  
Keep HTML Comments Yes  
Optimize Ads No Yes


Advanced Settings

Setting Full Purge Required Full Purge Recommended
Minify resources No Yes
Image optimization Yes  
Automatic image lazy loading No  
Optimize CSS delivery No Yes
Combine CSS into one resource No  
Override font rendering behavior Yes  
Combine JS into one resource No  
Remove render-blocking resources No  
Ignore query parameters for static assets No  



Setting Full Purge
Reverse Proxy (Varnish, NGINX, etc.) Yes
Cloudflare No
Sucuri No
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  • How much CDN will full purges deplete?

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Purges do not relate to CDN usage. CDN usage is only incurred as your users visit optimized pages.

    If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact our tech team via this form.

  • I have been having glitches on my website, no matter which setting I am at.

    I already put the setting all the way down to medium, which works better than on high.

    I purge the cache, everything works fine for a while and then returns and have to repeat.

    Even on medium it already defeats the purpose of getting nitropack, since the speed results are no better than without.


  • Hi Jon,

    Could you please submit a ticket to our tech team via this form. They will investigate the issue and help you solve it.


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