WPML and NitroPack

NitroPack can optimize sites that use the WPML plugin, if their URL structure is set up correctly. 

With WPML, each language can be set up as a: 

  1. Query parameter, e.g. https://example.com/?=en,  https://example.com/?=de. This case is supported by NitroPack.
  2. Subfolder, e.g. https://example.com/en/,  https://example.com/de/. This case is also supported by NitroPack.
  3. Different domain - e.g. https://example.en, https://example.de. This case is not supported by NitroPack.

You can select how your site’s URL structure is organized from the “Language URL format” section in the WPML plugin:


Also, note that in order for the query parameters or subfolders to work, all links must be added under the same sitemap.

Regardless of the URL structure, each language version must be connected to NitroPack separately. However, you don’t need multiple NitroPack accounts for each version.

You can create one account for your main site and add the other ones as separate entities by clicking on the “Add new website” button.


After that, simply follow our instructions on how to connect a WordPress website to NitroPack.

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