WPML and NitroPack

NitroPack can optimize sites that use the WPML plugin if their URL structure is set up correctly. 

With WPML, each language can be set up as a: 

  1. Query parameter, e.g., https://example.com/?=en,  https://example.com/?=de. This case is supported by NitroPack.
  2. Subfolder, e.g., https://example.com/en/,  https://example.com/de/. This case is also supported by NitroPack.
  3. Different domain or subdomain - e.g., https://example.en, https://example.de, https://en.example.com, https://de.example.com. These cases are not supported by NitroPack.

You can select how your site’s URL structure is organized from the “Language URL format” section in the WPML plugin:


Important: In order for the query parameters or subfolders to work, all links must be added under the same sitemap, so that NitroPack can optimize them.

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  • The use case 3. Different domain - e.g. https://example.en, https://example.de. This case is not supported by NitroPack.

    Any plans/schedule on when this would be supported? Would be awesome!

  • Hi Tom,

    Right now, we can't provide a release schedule for this use case. We will notify you once we have more information on the topic.


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